Silhouettes Photography Backdrop setting spectacular ideas

Silhouettes photography backdrop effective make, silhouette photography Silhouettes can have a great impact placed in front of a moody sky, lovely sunset or just a normal Silhouettes background.

You can also make silhouettes out of the most usual subjects and still create a great photography effect.The silhouette is an item placed in darkness in front of a brighter background and to achieve this effect you’ll need to underexpose, this you can do using different techniques.

Option no.1
Usage of a Spot Meter:
This technique makes the camera concentrate on one spot in the frame and will therefore automatically set the exposure for this particular place. So if you are taking silhouette photography, set the camera to focus on the brightest location in the sky or background. Thereby everything else will be put in darkness and shadow.

Option no.2

Underexpose Manually
Underexpose manually by decreasing the shutter speed bit by bit until you reach the perfect exposure for dark silhouettes. (This is a good technique for digital camera users rather than the film camera users because of a waste of film.)

Option no.3
Underexposure setting:
Set your camera to underexpose automatically by changing the exposure to the minus side