Playing with Torches


Playing with Torches Secret Technique at Night Photo Shoot



Playing with Torches, Secret Technique at Night Photo Shoot, There are two different ways of achieving a photo like this. We will start with explaining the first method,

Playing with Torches   Option No. 1:
For Playing with Torches, you’ll need a camera and a flash. You put the camera on a very slow shutter speed in a very dark room. When the flash goes off, the person or object is caught on film, now you’ve got the remaining time that’s left on the shutter speed to play with the torch around your subject.






Playing with Torches   Option No. 2: Put the camera settings on a slow shutter speed while you play around with the torch in a dark room, you might need to make the aperture smaller if the result of the photo is too bright, but be careful as this might also create a star shape effect.
Now, open both of the photos in photoshop, or a similar program.To get the two photos into the same image, minimize the windows and use the move tool

to drag the torch- picture into the portrait, release the move-tool when you see a small + sign next to the arrow.
Use the eraser tool

to delete photographs torches the areas that are covering the portrait (make sure the torch layer is chosen in the layers palette.)
And finally to smoothen the edges between the photos use the burn tool

on all semi-dark areas and make them black.
In this picture, the hue has also been changed to get this green tone and the saturation has been changed only on the torch layer.
(Hue and Saturation are to be found in Image—-
Adjustments—— Hue and Saturation)