Photo exercises

Photo Exercises simplified here to improve beginners skills


Photo Exercises simplified here to improve beginners skills, it  could be a great way to working with learning new techniques. Reading about different effects and ways to achieve them can both inspire and open up your eyes to your own photo work. In the list below you’ll find many different photo exercises that concentrate on various problems and techniques.


1. Photo Exercises

Playing With Smoke

Learn how to create great effects
using only your camera and some smoke…



2. Photo Exercises

Low Light Photography


Car Lights
Get this amazing effect by photographing
when it’s dark outside. All you need is a tripod,
a camera and a memory card…



3. Photo Exercises


Take photo silhouettes and get these
great effects just using simple photography methods…



4. Photo Exercises

Playing with Torches

Playing with Torches and achieve great results
with little effort…



5. Photo Exercises


The Rule of Thirds

Framing a Photo
Click to learn more about Composition…