Low light photography ideas without flash in night time

Low Light Photography

Low Light Photography with Car Lights, Get this amazing effect by Low Light photographing when it’s dark outside. All you need is a tripod, a camera, and a memory card.

Choose your location close to a relatively busy road to be able to catch the effect of both front lights of the car (white light) and the backlights (red light). The best effect will appear when you play around with the shutter speed and the aperture. There are no rights or wrongs since the shutter time and the size of the aperture all depends on how dark your surroundings really are. The longer light stripes from the cars you want the longer shutter speed you will need for Low Light Photography.

A tripod is an absolute must for this kind of photography shots and to minimize the risk of shakes, even more, a shutter- releaser can come in handy. Shoot with a low no. ISO (100 or 200) to avoid grain ruining your photo, and shoot with Fine or RAW to get the best quality. Just bear in mind if you shoot using RAW you might need to bring extra memory since the RAW files are huge.

Have fun!